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ZydecoOnline.com is an ongoing and dynamic interactive grassroots Internet project brings together authoritative information about Creole and Zydeco music and the black Creole culture of Southwest Louisiana and Texas. From our initial conception in 1995 and our launch of the first version of the website in 2001, ZydecoOnline.com has served and  and continues to serve the needs of the emerging online Zydeco community and well as form a digital bridge that will link the traditional offline Zydeco community by hosting and facilitating an educational forum, a platform for discussion and a means through which information about all aspects of the black Creole history and culture of Southwest Louisiana and Texas is disseminated.

In 1996, we coined the term "Zydeco Nation", adopted the motto "Uniting the Zydeco Nation" and redefined the definition of "Zydeco Music" because we recognized that the black Creole culture of Southwest Louisiana and Texas connected and influenced people all over the world and that the culture's healthy development and survival must remain connected and rooted to the people who drive the culture, the black Creole people of Southwest Louisiana and Texas!

This project will evolve and grow as the next generation of black Creoles, Zydeco Musicians, and Cultural Custodians maintain, explore, discover, and re-interpret this rich culture forged in the cotton and sugarcane fields of Southwest Louisiana and Texas. ZydecoOnline.com is an ongoing and dynamic interactive grassroots Internet project developed and maintained by the Zydeco Historical and Preservation Society, Inc. and Zydeco Authentica, LLC. 

 The Zydeco Historical and Preservation Society, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 corporation. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.